The Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre is currently seeking the support of generous sponsors and donors, which will help us to deliver engaging educational exhibitions, events and experiences to more than an estimated 1 million visitors every year.

As a Wolfhof donor, your contribution will make a real tangible difference to the young people and families who experience our events, see our exhibitions at our museum, and participate in our programs. Your donation will help renew and enrich the European experience for our visitors. To show our thanks and appreciation for your donation, each individual who supports our establishment with a financial donation of $100 or more will have their name ( or that of a loved one ) on permanent display in our Hall of Heroes.

Here we will have a monument to honour our sponsors and donors so generations to come will know your commitment to preserving our heritage and culture.

Individual Donation Recognition Levels

Diamond Sponsor$25,000 and up
Platinum Sponsor$10,000 and up
Gold Sponsor$5,000 and up
Silver Sponsor$2,500 and up
Bronze Sponsor$1,000 and up
Copper Sponsor$500 and up
Granite Sponsor$250 and up
Oak Sponsor$100 and up
Acorn Sponsor$25 and up*
* Donors in this category will not be included in our Heritage Hall but will receive recognition on our website and have their name printed in the first year of all our printed publications.

Our Generous Donors

We are proud to recognize and thank the following donors who have already helped the Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre with personal financial donations:

E. Klein for her generous donation of $10,000
R. Whyte for her generous donation of $250

Our Generous Contributors

We are proud to recognize and thank the following contributors who have pledged their help in constructing the Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre with free personal work and expertise:

Thunor Electric

Electrical Upgrades
Estimated Value of $85,000


Rune Stone Monument
Estimated Value of $15,000

Individual Credit Card Donations

To make a donation please click on the Paypal button to send payments over secure and encrypted channels.

Your financial contribution wont just make a difference,
it will make all the difference!