We represent Canadians of European decent that live in Canada and Southwestern Ontario. Europeans are the largest ethnic group in Canada equaling 70%, over 11 million of which live in Ontario.

We strive to fulfill our mandate in a number of ways with programs, events and lectures offered to the public. The Wolfhof Centre is also creating a link with various other arts and cultural organizations through affiliate memberships and shared events.

We thrive and focus on embracing our own cultural heritage in a meaningful and positive way. Consistent with the Canadian tradition of Multiculturalism, we recognize the value of the uniqueness contained within all the different and distinct pieces that comprise the human mosaic and hope to have the opportunity to add ours.

Our Mandate; To celebrate, share and preserve our European Canadian cultural heritage. We aim to provide an exciting range of educational activities with both an ancient & modern perspective, as well as strengthening relations with all European countries

This mandate will have a strong emphasis on;

Community Benefits; Employment, Entertainment, Social Interaction, Education, Art Instruction, Tourism, Environmental activities, Multiculturalism & Diversity.

Cultural Management; Celebrating our cultural art and history including the collection, preservation and display of rare European antiquities in our museum. We have already built a substantial collection of unique antiquities ranging in date from 5000 BC to 1500 AD. Our museum will be linked to a resource centre which will disseminate information on our intertwined histories, arts and cultures.

Interactive Youth Education; Emphasizing the cultivation and support of language and history instruction by creating events and opportunities for students and youth groups to visit our centre.

Community Involvement; Through various interactive programming on a wide variety of European subjects of interest to the general public such as readings, lectures, festivals and events focusing on ecology, film, food, dance, music and art

Europeans have long made a place for themselves here in Canada. If history is to be considered as a continuum, we must take steps to ensure that our traditions and culture are preserved for our children and grandchildren. As the years pass, we Canadians are becoming further separated from our roots. Because of this we believe it is important that a European centre of our history, arts and culture be built as we must retain and pass them on to future generations. Our children particularly need to have a sense of where they came from so they can develop self-esteem through understanding their heritage.

The Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre will display our large collection of ancient European antiquities, host international European touring events, local festivals, meetings and educational programs for all ages including language instruction, lectures, and guest speakers; a library of literature and periodicals; a genealogical research service; and a gift store of unique handcrafted items made by local Canadian artisans.

  • Promote pride in our shared heritage, and commitment to Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Be a vibrant, visible facility and school of cultural arts
  • Provide for the past, present and future
  • Serve as a gathering place for all who love Europe and the arts
  • Be Pan-European while serving the entire community

We are presently seeking funds to finance this project and several locations in Southwest Ontario are currently being considered for our permanent site. The Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre will work with qualified professionals to accommodate federal, provincial and local regulatory requirements before moving ahead to the next phase of the project.

Once complete, it is our intent that the Wolfhof centre will be a home to all friends of Europe. We envision a center for educational activities and classes, a showcase for our history, culture, arts and food. It will be built on property purchased with funds donated us, and we are currently focused to raise money for the purchase of this site. There will be a sustained effort to raise the funds for construction.

It is clear that unless a dynamic link is generated between a population with first- and multi-generational European roots and the younger Canadian born population interested in acquiring or maintaining knowledge about European cultures, the great contributions of our ancestors of the past will gradually be lost and forgotten forever.