The Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre will operate year-round to present ongoing cultural experiences for all people interested in our diverse European culture, or for those just looking to learn more and have a fun day. These annual events would run throughout the year, corresponding with ancient European holidays and agricultural cycles in our effort to further strengthen our cultural traditions. Our events are suitable for all ages and have something to offer everyone. It is a great day for the entire family and those interested in history, culture food, music and the arts.

Our objective is for you to enjoy your day and to offer something back to the community. Proceeds raised will go towards expanding our Museum’s collection, creating new exhibits and attractions, hosting future festivals and events, classes and services, art exhibitions, cultural presentations, dance, music, films, presentations on current events and politics, discussion groups, and workshops on many aspects of the above.

The director and supporting volunteers of the Wolfhof Centre are deeply committed to making this vision a reality and actively supports its development with time, energy and financial commitments.

The concept of the Wolfhof European Cultural Arts Centre of Culture is new and revolutionary, implementation of the centre in the South Ontario region would be ideal, and is long overdue. No-where else in Canada, or on this continent is there a concentration of history, heritage and cohesive effort to maintain the European cultural heritage today as in this region as a whole. One can see from the number of thriving Social clubs, events, festivals, forming part of life in the Region, that the demographics and the cohesiveness of the European community are ideal to make this project a success.

The key purpose of the Wolfhof Heritage Museum is intended to provide a service and a benefit to the community, and to the region as a whole. The mutual benefits of such interaction between community and students would contribute enormously to keep this vibrant community intact.

The more difficult part of this endeavor is the financing of this project, and an endowment fund will be established to ensure that the administrative and program costs can be carried in perpetuity. In order to purchase a permanent venue, develop and maintain a vibrant first-class museum in perpetuity, an initial endowment fund of $3,000,000 is needed, which combined with the revenues from our businesses, events & prudently invested, is thought to provide enough annual return to finance the administrative costs, and the annual costs of programming. Significant sums have already been invested into our Cultural Arts Museum of Ancient European antiquities, other contributions of donations have been pledged and milestones reached will be announced progressively.